Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wiii And a burger again XD

                           Head band From Claire's 10 for $10
                           Shirts from Uniqlo
                           Skirt from Urban planet $12
                           Belt From Urban planet $10
                           And my only boots from Payless $34 I think

Today at the beginning we thought we would stay at home since we were waiting for somebody, but she came earlier than we thought, so we could go outside.
My plan was only to go and buy some brushes ( I will post about it tomorrow)
But in the end we found ourselves going to downtown.
It was kind of funny, we crossed the street to take the bus that goes to our home but when we finished crossing the street we saw the bus to downtown coming, so we ran and crossed the street again from where we came and caught the bus hehhee ( sorry if you couldn't understand my little story).

The place we went today was really nice, they preserved all the stuffs from the 50's which makes the place look cool and special.

And old jukebox

Here is me eating the big burger XD


Hoy pensavamos quizas quedarnos en casa ya que estavamos esperando a alguien, pero esta persona al final yego mas temprano y decidimos salir.
Yo tenia planeado so comprar unos pinceles (maniana voy a postearlos)
pero terminamos llendo al centro a comer hamburgesas.
Fue divertido por que crusamos la calle hacia el clectivo que va para casa pero cuando terminamos de crusar vimos el colectivo que va para el centro y terminamos crusando otra vez de por donde ya terminamos de crusar ... si no entendieron mi pequenia historia perdon ><

El lugar que fuimos era medio divertido ya que conservaron todo desde los 50, asique le dava un toque espesial.

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