Monday, January 31, 2011

Me now and back then

I began to knit a scarf and watch videos about it on youtube, there is a lot of people show you the basics and it's really helpful for me ^^

A draw a small picture of what I look now and used to look like.
Before it was just a shirt and jeans, I didn't put much effort to my outfit , well actually I didn't put much effort to choose something that looks nice.
Now when I buy something I really think if it's nice or not, even if it cost 1 dollar and it's not convincing me I wont buy it other ways it will be juts a waist of money.
I realized that you can buy very nice clothes for cheap price if you are patient waiting for sales, and the thing about sales it's that the stores not always have the nicest things left, but if I look really hard for them I'll find at least one and If it's my size I might take it.
When You have nice clothes It makes everything easier when you get dress, but anyway I still wear a shirt and jeans ^^


Estuve tejiendo una bufanda y viendo videos en youtube sobre eso.
De veras que hay un monton de videos que te ensenian como empesar a tejer y eso me ayuda bastante.

Hice un pequenio dibujo de como era antes y como soy ahora.
Antes solo me ponia un top y jean's sin pensar mucho, la cosa era que cuando iva a comprar no le ponia mucho esfuerzo ahora cuando voy a coprar pienso bien en lo que me voy a llevar, a un que cueste un dollar si no me convence no lo voy a comprar por que si nos es malgastar.
Me di cuenta que podes comprar cosas muy lindas muy varatas si tenes paciensa y esperas pora las rebajas.
la cosa con las rebajas es que no siempre quedan las cosas lindas en los negosios pero si me pongo a buscar bien seguro que encuentro algo y si es de mi talla me lo llevo.
Si tenes cosas bonitas es mucho mas facil y no tenes que pensar tanto a la hora de vestirte, igual me sigo poniendo un top y jeans ^^

Friday, January 28, 2011

Burgers XD

Headband from claire's 10 for $10
Sweater from Fairweather $10
Skirt from Forever 21 $12
Flower clip from Claire's $5

Hello ^^
Today I notice I went for black, gray and again a touch of pink.
I put the flower as a brooch, that actually is for the hair lol
The other day I went to Claire's and Now they have brooches that are also for the hair... You can use them both ways. I think is a great thing, next time maybe I will buy one of those because I really like that kind of things.

Today Again we went to eat burgers, I think when I go back to my home I will do a little "guide" of the places I went To make it less messy.
As well I bought knitting stuffs because I want to learn how to knit and make things by myself ^^


Me di cuenta que elegi ponerme blanco, gris y un toque de rosa.
me puse una flor que es para el pelo... pero lo use como prendedor.
Me di cuenta que en Claire's ahora venden prendedores que tambien son para el pelo... asique siven un monton ya que me gusta ese tipo de cosas.

Hoy otra vez fui a comer hamburgesa , pero cuando ya este denuevo en casa voy a hacer una pequenia "guia" asi esta mas ordenado.
Tambien fui a compra cosas para terjer porque quiero aprender hacer cosas a mano ^^

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday I wen to Micheal's to buy brushes, I Have water color pencil and always use them as pencils only, but I wanted to give them a try as water color and practice new ways to use them.

Here are the brushes ^^ 11 brushes for $7 and the big one $5
The brushes are very soft... I could touch them all day lol

Here trying to choose which one I should buy

Well I hope to lear how to use it properly and hope I will do nice drawings ^^


Ayer como les conte fui a comprar unos pinceles, por que tengo lapices de aquarela y siempre los use como lapices y nada mas.
Ahora queria tratar de usarlos de otra manera y aprender nuevas fomar de usarlos.
Espero poder hacer bonitos dibujos con ellos ^^

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wiii And a burger again XD

                           Head band From Claire's 10 for $10
                           Shirts from Uniqlo
                           Skirt from Urban planet $12
                           Belt From Urban planet $10
                           And my only boots from Payless $34 I think

Today at the beginning we thought we would stay at home since we were waiting for somebody, but she came earlier than we thought, so we could go outside.
My plan was only to go and buy some brushes ( I will post about it tomorrow)
But in the end we found ourselves going to downtown.
It was kind of funny, we crossed the street to take the bus that goes to our home but when we finished crossing the street we saw the bus to downtown coming, so we ran and crossed the street again from where we came and caught the bus hehhee ( sorry if you couldn't understand my little story).

The place we went today was really nice, they preserved all the stuffs from the 50's which makes the place look cool and special.

And old jukebox

Here is me eating the big burger XD


Hoy pensavamos quizas quedarnos en casa ya que estavamos esperando a alguien, pero esta persona al final yego mas temprano y decidimos salir.
Yo tenia planeado so comprar unos pinceles (maniana voy a postearlos)
pero terminamos llendo al centro a comer hamburgesas.
Fue divertido por que crusamos la calle hacia el clectivo que va para casa pero cuando terminamos de crusar vimos el colectivo que va para el centro y terminamos crusando otra vez de por donde ya terminamos de crusar ... si no entendieron mi pequenia historia perdon ><

El lugar que fuimos era medio divertido ya que conservaron todo desde los 50, asique le dava un toque espesial.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Too much burgers

Today was a normal day...
After I came back home we went to the supermarket and stop by the burger shop and of course eat a burger again, well actually only my boyfriend bought one, but I ate of his (just a little)
I ended up buying a caramel frapuchino in Starbucks which is one of my favorite drinks right now.
Here is me and my Hamburgers day XD
Sorry For the bad quality of the drawings ... I wish I had a scanner
     Me and my Boyfriend at the bar eating burgers

me as a packman that eats burgers

me loving burgers ^^


Hola hoy fue un dia normal...
Despues de volver de trabajar fuimos al supermecado y depaso fuimos a come hamburgesas... vah fue mi novio el que compro pero yo le comi un poquito jejeje
yo termine comprandome un frapuchino caramel en Starbacks que es uno de mis favoritos ahora para tomar.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skating on ice

Today we went to downtown again ( another day off wiiii)
We were hungry so went to eat Ramen... It was so good ... I also got Gyoza by the end I was very full with my hart and stomach happy (It was the logo of the place hehe)

Then We to ice skating ... The last time I did that was 10 years ago, and it was the firts time for my boyfriend, but he did so well that we made a race XD

there is me skating ^^ 

I made a Drawing of What I would like it to be with my boyfriend XD
Like the olimpics hehehe


Hoy fuimos al centro otra vez ( otro dia libre wiii)
Teniamos hambre entonces fuimos a comer ramen. Estuvo todo muy rico , pedi Gyoza tambien... al final quedamos con la panza llena y los corazones contentos ( como decia el logo del local)
Despues de eso fuimos a patinar sobre hielo, hacia 10 anios que no lo hacia y era la primera vez para mi novio... pero le fue bien que al final terminamos haciendo una carrera.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Drawing again (hopefully)

The dress is made by my grandma
Headband from Claire's $5
Shirt from Walmart $10
Cardigan is from my boyfriend lol
Bag: I don't remember but cost $22
Shoes from Ardene $4

Yesterday night I was wondering on the internet watching pages .... and a came across her blog The sea of Fertility , She has such a nice style, but the most important thing are her illustrations!!! she is doing an amazing job and after long time I couldn't draw anything finally last nigh I've got a little push and made something. The other reason I started drawing is because a friend of mind ask me to do for her something and I was thinking to refuse because I thought I cannot draw anymore as I used to >< But hopefully I will be able to make some staff again... even if they are not so good ^^

Ayer por la noche estaba bageando por el internet y mirando algunas paginas cuando me tope con este blog The sea of Fertility , Tiene un estilo de vestir muy lindo, pero lo mas importante son los lindos dibujos que ella hace, de veras que son hermosos y despues de un gran tiempo que no pude dibujar nada tuve un empujoncito y pude hacer algo. La segunda razon por que empese a dibujar otra vez es por que una amiga mia me pidio que le haga algo... al principio pense en decir que no ya que pensaba que no puedo dibujar como antes >< pero ojala pueda seguir dibujando algo a un que no sean tan buenos ^^

Websites reviews

Well lately I've been checking this websites where you can post your look... and got some idea of which one I will use.
I think those websites are very nice, since you can see other people styles and get some new ideas or just have fun time looking at those styles.
It really helps me to think about what I like to wear and what I think I cant or would like to try.
Anyway I subscibe into some of them and post my looks

The firts one Style caster :
The site looks rally nice, It has lots of articles about fashion, beauty, ect that users write ( I think so)... and also videos that shows you how to do makeup and other things. I think it's a very helpful site.
when it come to show your look they have a section that is called Daily mirror .. it looks really nice..  but the thing i miss is the people in there don't leaves any comment so I don't know if I'm doing well or not hehhe
But since I like this site (maybe because it was my firts lol ) I will keep posting in there.

It's the website of a magazine.
the site that you can post your look called Lucky style spotter... I don't know much about it... I tried to post some looks (3 hehe) but gave up because I don't have much time and don't know how it really works (I know it's not complicated XD)
But I like the site of the magazine ... special to see the videos heheh they have tutorials about how to do things ^^

This is the one I like the most.
The community in there is active and they leave you comments... which I really like... even if it's short ... it helps me.
The site is mostly about posting outfitss and getting points to achieve reputation.
but I really for now only enjoying looking others people style, posting my look and see if my makeover is going well hehehe
On the site they have some article that user write ... it's nice to read them.
They have section of inspiration and maybe a shop I guess ^^

This sate is only about posting looks (at least this the only things I saw)
The pictures here look a little more artistic and dramatic hehehe and that makes the site look interesting.
I tried to post in there but maybe you need to do something to be show up... so for now I will just look in other people styles.

I saw one more but I didn't use it at all hehhe too much for me


Perdon que no lo traduci ><
Los sitios que postie son donde vos podes postear tu look, estan en ingles pero si te gusta fijarte que es lo que la otra gente viste o queres postear tu look del dia ese es el sitio ^^
algunos tienen articulos sobre moda y bellesa ... tambien algunos viedos con tutoriales pero denuevo ... estan en ingles ><
la vedad que tengo que buscar algunos en espaniol... cosa que no hice y ahora me di cuenta

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My new luggage


Hi! ^^
The other day I bought a new luggage, my parents are gonna kill me... since we have looots of it at home ><, but when I came to Vancouver I brought with me only one... that was my mistake... but anyway now I have a new one, so hopefully I can take most of my stuffs ... this year I bought many things to renew my weardrobe.
I feel so sad that I need to leave Vancouver, My boyfriend is going back to his country and I need to find a new job in Regina (where my parents live), I hope that I can find something soon and save enough money to go and see my boyfriend ^^

When I come home all I do is being on the internet, watching southpark, friends or some movies.
I'm really waiting for Fringe to start again ^^

                             watching south park ^^

El otro dia compre una nueva balija, mis padres me van a matar por que en casa tenemos un monton. Mi error fue venir a vancouver con solo una balija.. pero que se puede hacer.
Espero que ahora que tengo esta balija pueda traer conmigo la mayoria de las cosas que tengo. Este anio fue un anio que compre muchas cosas para cambiar mi forma de vestir.
Me siento mal que tengo que dejar Vancouver por que mi novio se va a volver a su pais y tengo que encontrar un nuevo trabajo en Regina (donde viven mis padres) y ojala pueda ahorrar plata rapido para ir a ver a mi novio ^^

La mayoria del tiempo despues de venir a trabajar me la paso mirando southpark, friends o alguna pelicula.
Estoy esperando que Fringe espiese otra vez.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yeah and burgers again lol

Hi! today was my day off again and I'm lucky I don't need to wake up early tomorrow, since I'm gonna work in the evening ^^
Today we went again to a new bar to try burgers... it was ok... anyway I always enjoy burgers ... so I'm happy again.
In the bar there is a sign that says "not to make noise when outside" since there are residential houses around it... but really no body seems to care about it and they still made some noises ..hahaa I can imagine I would be swearing like an old lady if I lived close to that place and was trying to sleepXD
I always have trouble with the pictures because they're always too dark, we have digital cameras ... my boyfriend takes pictures... Arigato gozaimasu Yuki!!
Lately I'm trying to do some editing to make it look more clear and I try my best to make it look as close as possible to the real colors, I think I'm succeeding in doing that. I really like this look It's very comfortable , easy and very nice I think!


Hoy fue de nuevo mi dia libre y tengo suerte que maniana no me tengo que levantar temprano ya que trabajo por la tarde ^^
Hoy fuimos a un nuevo bar a comer hamburgesas que estuvo mas omenos... igual yo siempre contenta comiendo hamburgesas... asique todo bien.
En el bar habia un cartel que decia no hacer ruido cuando uno esta afura por que hay casas de familias al lado pero igual a nadie le importa y hacen un poco de ruido, me puedo imagina que estaria maldiendo como una anciana si es que vivo ahi y esria tratando de irme a dormir jejeje
Siempre tengo problemas con las fotos, siempre salen muy oscuras... no hay mucha luz y las camaras que tenemos son digitales. Mi novio es el que saca las fotos ... Arigato gozaimas Yuki!
Estoy tratando de editar las fotos asi se ven mas claras... trato de que sea los cerca a los colores verdaderos... yo creo que estan casi igual a los verdaderos colores.
Me gusto mi look de hoy, creo que sencillo y libiano ^^

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little bit of snow

 A flower a girl with her boyfriend give me, I guess her boyfriend gave her lots of flowers and she wanted to share with other couples XD

Es una flor que me dio una chica con su novio, creo que el novio le dio muchas flore y queria compartirlas con otras parejas XD

yesterday I told you that it was snowing a little, but in the end it snowed quite a lot (well at least in Vancouver rarely snows).
You can enjoy snow much more when you live in a place where it doesn't snow so often XD
Today was my day off... so we went to Gastown... It's a very nice place which has the clock "Steam clock", I hadn't known about it before I came here, but it's  supposed to be famous heheh
That area can turn to be a little bit dangerous if you keep going much farther from the clock ... but anyway it's a nice place that looks kind of European.


Ayer les dije que estaba nevando un poquito pero al final nevo mas de lo que pensaba... en vancouver no nieva mucho, lo que te hace apreciarlo mas de lo que lo que haces en un lugar que siempre esta nevando =)
Hoy fue mi dia libre, asi que fuimos a pasear a GasTown, es un barrio muy lindo de estilo Eropeo ... ahi hay un reloj que es a vapor ... yo no sabia que existia pero parece que es bastante famoso... es lindo el reloj ^^
El problemas es si te alejas mucho del reloj y te metes mas adentro del barrio puede ser un poco peligroso... pero igual si sabes no ir para alla esta todo bien =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Hamburgers again XD

Today we went again to eat burgers in a new place, that's why we missed the station lol but we got there in the end =)
I got an extra giant pickle, that was the first time I hated pickles... all you could taste was the pickle(I didn't think it would be so huge), I never thought I could hate it hehehe Still next time I will ask for extra pickles in Subway XD
Today was very cold and when I finished working it started to snow a little bit, which it means it will be less cold next time ^^

Hoy fuimos otra vez a comer hamburgesas a un nuevo lugar, por eso es que nos pasamos de parada.... pero igual al fina pudimos llegar =)
Yo pedi un gigante extra pepino agrio (no pense que de veras iva a ser tan grande)... de veras nunca pense que iva a odiarlos, lo unico que se podia sentir eran los pepinos jejjee pero igual la proxima vez voy a pedir extra pepinos en subway XD
Cuanto termine de trabajar empeso a nevar un poquito, eso quiere decir que va a ser menos frio pronto ^^

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Make over.

Hello ^^
well nothing happened in my life lately more then going to work.
Because I have an uniform at work I dont need to dress nicely everyday ... it can be a good thing because it saves me lots of time and thought about clothes. The bad thing is that everyday I look the same and cannot look so nice and I don't have time to try new styles ...
where I told I would post the site that help me with the make over where this is it:
it look a little bit out of date, but it was helpful to me ... it has tips about how to make a make over... tips about styles, things you should wear for your body shape and so on.
Still I dont know what kind of style im ... but sometimes I like romantic styles and others just simple clothing lol I'm still working on it ^^


Pues nada interesante paso, lo unico que hice es ir a trabajar.
Por que para el trabajo siempre me tengo que poner el uniforme, no tengo que vestirme bien todos los dias. A veces eso es bueno por que me ahorra un monton de tiempo en pensar que ponerme y arreglarme, otras veces eso es malo por que siempre me veo igual y no puedo probar nuevos stilos.
Les dije que iva a postear el sitio que me ayudo con mi cambio de look... otra vez perdon que esta en ingles.
Este sitio tiene muchos consejos sebre estilos , ropa que es la adecuada para cada tipo de cuerpo y todo lo que tiene que ver con ropa.
Personalmente me gusta las cosas romanticas , pero al mismo tiempo me gustan las cosas simples tambiem aaaah no se que es lo que tendria que hacer, estoy en eso... ^^

This is a comercial song, I think it was from joe (superstore) I really like the song and tried really hard to find it.
Hope you will enjoy it!

Esta es una cancion de un comercial. La cancion me gusto mucho y me costo bastante encontrarla. Espero que les guste!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bugers Again! ^^

Yesterday after I came from work (10:30 >< ) we went to a nice bar in downtown to eat burgers.
The burger in there was really nice! and I was very hungry!!! so it was much more yummy! My boyfriend is really into burgers lately and I like burgers.... so good for me! ^^
 My boyfriend got this one, I've never seen such a huge burger XD

Next week I won't get so many hours, since there is almost no people in the mall and we don't sell so much >< people are broke after Christmas lol so I will have time to rest a little .. but anyway it's sad aaaaw money!! ><
Here is what I wore yesterday...

It's very simple...can be good for work, can be good for a date or just for everyday I guess.

Green shirt from Walmart 10$
Purple shirt (second time you see it) Urban Planet 10$
Skirt from Forever 21 12$

Enjoy the day!!!!


Ayer despues que llegue de trabajar a eso de las 10:30, nos fuimos a comer hamburgesas en un bar.... tenia mucho habre asique estaba todo muchooo mas rico jejje , mi novio ultimamente esta super antojado con las hamburgesas y a mi me gustan asique no tengo problema... yo contenta comiendolas ^^

La semana que viene no me dieron muchas horas para trabajar, asique voy a tener tiempo para descansar .... eso me pone contenta ....haaay por si que se necesita la plata ejejje ><