Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bugers Again! ^^

Yesterday after I came from work (10:30 >< ) we went to a nice bar in downtown to eat burgers.
The burger in there was really nice! and I was very hungry!!! so it was much more yummy! My boyfriend is really into burgers lately and I like burgers.... so good for me! ^^
 My boyfriend got this one, I've never seen such a huge burger XD

Next week I won't get so many hours, since there is almost no people in the mall and we don't sell so much >< people are broke after Christmas lol so I will have time to rest a little .. but anyway it's sad aaaaw money!! ><
Here is what I wore yesterday...

It's very simple...can be good for work, can be good for a date or just for everyday I guess.

Green shirt from Walmart 10$
Purple shirt (second time you see it) Urban Planet 10$
Skirt from Forever 21 12$

Enjoy the day!!!!


Ayer despues que llegue de trabajar a eso de las 10:30, nos fuimos a comer hamburgesas en un bar.... tenia mucho habre asique estaba todo muchooo mas rico jejje , mi novio ultimamente esta super antojado con las hamburgesas y a mi me gustan asique no tengo problema... yo contenta comiendolas ^^

La semana que viene no me dieron muchas horas para trabajar, asique voy a tener tiempo para descansar .... eso me pone contenta ....haaay por si que se necesita la plata ejejje ><

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