Friday, January 28, 2011

Burgers XD

Headband from claire's 10 for $10
Sweater from Fairweather $10
Skirt from Forever 21 $12
Flower clip from Claire's $5

Hello ^^
Today I notice I went for black, gray and again a touch of pink.
I put the flower as a brooch, that actually is for the hair lol
The other day I went to Claire's and Now they have brooches that are also for the hair... You can use them both ways. I think is a great thing, next time maybe I will buy one of those because I really like that kind of things.

Today Again we went to eat burgers, I think when I go back to my home I will do a little "guide" of the places I went To make it less messy.
As well I bought knitting stuffs because I want to learn how to knit and make things by myself ^^


Me di cuenta que elegi ponerme blanco, gris y un toque de rosa.
me puse una flor que es para el pelo... pero lo use como prendedor.
Me di cuenta que en Claire's ahora venden prendedores que tambien son para el pelo... asique siven un monton ya que me gusta ese tipo de cosas.

Hoy otra vez fui a comer hamburgesa , pero cuando ya este denuevo en casa voy a hacer una pequenia "guia" asi esta mas ordenado.
Tambien fui a compra cosas para terjer porque quiero aprender hacer cosas a mano ^^

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Camii Palta said...

Hello! Hello!!
I think that your color combination is cute!
you look great! i love the idea that you can use one thing in many ways!
I also like that you love burgers! :)
take care!! :) xx