Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Hamburgers again XD

Today we went again to eat burgers in a new place, that's why we missed the station lol but we got there in the end =)
I got an extra giant pickle, that was the first time I hated pickles... all you could taste was the pickle(I didn't think it would be so huge), I never thought I could hate it hehehe Still next time I will ask for extra pickles in Subway XD
Today was very cold and when I finished working it started to snow a little bit, which it means it will be less cold next time ^^

Hoy fuimos otra vez a comer hamburgesas a un nuevo lugar, por eso es que nos pasamos de parada.... pero igual al fina pudimos llegar =)
Yo pedi un gigante extra pepino agrio (no pense que de veras iva a ser tan grande)... de veras nunca pense que iva a odiarlos, lo unico que se podia sentir eran los pepinos jejjee pero igual la proxima vez voy a pedir extra pepinos en subway XD
Cuanto termine de trabajar empeso a nevar un poquito, eso quiere decir que va a ser menos frio pronto ^^


Camii Palta A. said...

Hi! I love your coat :)
the pic is very nice!!
I like that you wrote in spanish :)
take care!!

Rorro said...

Thank you for you comment!
spanish is my firts language and it's a little bit easier for me ^^
take care!!