Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Websites reviews

Well lately I've been checking this websites where you can post your look... and got some idea of which one I will use.
I think those websites are very nice, since you can see other people styles and get some new ideas or just have fun time looking at those styles.
It really helps me to think about what I like to wear and what I think I cant or would like to try.
Anyway I subscibe into some of them and post my looks

The firts one Style caster :
The site looks rally nice, It has lots of articles about fashion, beauty, ect that users write ( I think so)... and also videos that shows you how to do makeup and other things. I think it's a very helpful site.
when it come to show your look they have a section that is called Daily mirror .. it looks really nice..  but the thing i miss is the people in there don't leaves any comment so I don't know if I'm doing well or not hehhe
But since I like this site (maybe because it was my firts lol ) I will keep posting in there.

It's the website of a magazine.
the site that you can post your look called Lucky style spotter... I don't know much about it... I tried to post some looks (3 hehe) but gave up because I don't have much time and don't know how it really works (I know it's not complicated XD)
But I like the site of the magazine ... special to see the videos heheh they have tutorials about how to do things ^^

This is the one I like the most.
The community in there is active and they leave you comments... which I really like... even if it's short ... it helps me.
The site is mostly about posting outfitss and getting points to achieve reputation.
but I really for now only enjoying looking others people style, posting my look and see if my makeover is going well hehehe
On the site they have some article that user write ... it's nice to read them.
They have section of inspiration and maybe a shop I guess ^^

This sate is only about posting looks (at least this the only things I saw)
The pictures here look a little more artistic and dramatic hehehe and that makes the site look interesting.
I tried to post in there but maybe you need to do something to be show up... so for now I will just look in other people styles.

I saw one more but I didn't use it at all hehhe too much for me


Perdon que no lo traduci ><
Los sitios que postie son donde vos podes postear tu look, estan en ingles pero si te gusta fijarte que es lo que la otra gente viste o queres postear tu look del dia ese es el sitio ^^
algunos tienen articulos sobre moda y bellesa ... tambien algunos viedos con tutoriales pero denuevo ... estan en ingles ><
la vedad que tengo que buscar algunos en espaniol... cosa que no hice y ahora me di cuenta

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