Monday, January 3, 2011

Talking about eyebrows XD

Hello Hello ^^
Today I could tell to my manager that I will quit.... I told her that before she was on her way to go to her home lol it took me all day because when I came to work she started to compliment me about our yesterday's work ><
but in the end of her day I told her so I didn't gave her much time to respond to me properly so I guess tomorrow she will talk to me about it.

Today me and the girl I work with had a small talk about eyebrows.... It all started because of a costumer who had weird painted eyebrows, they were toooo thin and tooo close to each other, I mean if you already decided to draw your eyebrow do something that looks normal and beautiful so it doesn't look soo obvious it's fake.
The girl told me that her mother told her to do a eyebrow tatoo because hers looks too full and not so much shape, but I really don't think she need to her eyebrows looks completely ok

I think she has such kind of shape.
Creo que tiene este tipo de forma

( the girl from full house (Korean drama) I will talk about the later) ( la chica de una serie koreana que se llama Full house)

I think having full eyebrows is better than having very thin or almost no hair in them, it really makes them look shapeless and weird.
I'm not an eyebrow expert, actually the only thing I do is to clean the hairs that I think shouldn't be there and don't think so much about the shape (bad me).
I think that eyebrows that look natural look the most beautiful on the face and can make you look adorable. Fallowing The shape of you eyebrows instead of fallowing a particular shape is the best thing you can do =)
Well here is an article I step into while I was searching about eyebrows, I agrees with almost everything: good article (it's a site about fashion, I will check it later ^^)

 Not much shape in mine.
Well here enjoying winter time at home.
Is the best thing I can do ^^

Aca ando yo con no mucha forma en mi ceja,,, en mi cada calentita ... es lo mejor que puedo hacer en el invierno.


Hola hoy le pude decir a mi jefa que voy a renunciar ... me costo un monton decircelo... so le dije al fin del dia cuando se estaba por ir a la casa, asique no tuvo mucho tiempo para responderme.
Creo que tener unas cejas reyenas es mucho que no tener casi nada de pelos en ellas.
Yo no soy una experta en cejas, lo unico que hago es sacar los pelos que me parece que no deberian estar ahi y no pienso mucho en la forma... hago muy mal quizas.
Creo que las cejas que parecen natural son las que quedan mas lindas y te dan un aspecto mas adorable, creo que segir tu propia forma de ceja es lo mejor que se puede hacer.
aca les dejo un articulo ... perdon que esta en ingles ... eso sobre cejas y estoy de acuerdo con la mayoria de lo que dice ahi Click aca

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