Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Return to nothingness and joy just might be right

Vintage cardigan
Gray shirt from Walmart $10
Skirt from forever 21 $12


Today was kinda busy day... Before I went to Vancouver I worked as a cleaner and from tomorrow I will return to that until I find something else, which of course will take me some time since as I already said I'm very bad at finding jobs ><
Anyway I applied To work in a place like Sears Hope they will call me! there is a friend working in there and would be so nice to work in a place that you know somebody, even if it's almost impossible I'm still happy just to think about it =)
After I met the people from the previous cleaning job a good friend of mine came home and then we went to the mall and met another friend hehee
aaah in the mall it was very tough not to buy something, I really saw some really nice things in a really good price but I stopped myself from buying at least until I get my first paycheck, well I'll try my best.

I found really nice stuff in my grandma closet lol the cardigan is one them, I really love the color of it and it doesn't look so old, at least I think so.
I found my comfort zone wearing a cardigan, some nice shirt and a skirt, I really like putting the shirt inside...
I think it gives a more it more of an "elegant look" It's something I would never do before... anyway I will still try new things with the time.
I think the neighbor saw me taking the pictures, I was running back and fort with the camera, she might have thought I'm a crazy narcissistic girl  


And here is a song from Hot Chip that I really like called The Warning and I like the video which this person made for it ^^

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Horror Vacui hehe

Here again! ^^
Horror Vacui : Fear to leave a blank space on a paint or drawing ... it's the necessity to fill every part of the page and it's something I cannot help lol
When I'm drawing it's very hard for me to leave a white space, unless I'm only drawing a character... I feel if I don't do it... It would look like I forgot about that particular place and it would look unfinished

 Well this one of the drawings I've been working on and I will leave a small white place!!! aaaah it's so hard hhee

and here I will post old drawings again

When I was doing this drawing for some reason I was thinking about the time I went to Paris
I'm a fan of the night!!!

Even I don't like fortune telling , I like misteries and to know the answer of it

I really don't remember the reason for this one, I guess I was a wondering teenager at the time

Monday, March 28, 2011

Alive and Kicking

This is what I was wearing for my birthday the other day ^^
It's a really nice dress form H&M and it was 10 dollars... I was super happy at the time.

My birthday was a happy and sad at the same time ><  I went with my family to a nice restaurant which me and my boyfriend used to like a lot (we went there on valentine's day and our last day in Vancouver)
I'm so depressed lately that it's just annoying hhehehe 
I met a friend and I played Wii for the first time in my life ... I like to play online games sometimes though... maybe I will download one soon aaaah I need to get a job!! I'm really a hard worker, but finding a job is the thing that I hate the most!!
What a terrible post.
The good thing is that I've been drawing quite a lot and I'm really happy for that...
I will post them soon when I'll finish them =)

Here is a nice anime called Azumanga Daioh , I wish life were so nice as this anime, well actually here is a part that demonstrates what I've been doing lately heheh

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here posting old drawings again

Here is a drawing I made for my friend, she is an actress in the theater and she really likes the mask, as well she like elves... so I made a drawing of  The Guardians of the masks

I don't remember the reason for this one
 I don't remember the reason for this one aether, Just that maybe I was watching an anime with a warrior or something ><

I like Pierrots, they look very romantic and dreamy and I was reading a story by Oscar Wild about a bird that gave his life to create a red rose out of a white one giving his blood, so a man can give that rose to the women he loved... it's a very sad story :(  That story inspired me to do this one.

I'm really not a big reader, but sometimes I used to read short stories, actually the one who likes to read a lot is my boyfriend which owns like thousands of books heheh

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dance with me

 Today I just wanted to wear something casual and nice! this is shirt belongs to my boyfriend hehe actually I took some things from him hohoho I like the color of this one.
So today I went to Walmart to buy papers so I can start drawing again ^^ I noticed they have some very nice clothes... actually the price is not thaaaaat cheap, the same price as Joe (super store) the price is ok.
They had something called G-21 or something like that (like forever 21) It made me lough a lot hehe

As I said I bought paper so I can start drawing, I had some ideas but wasn't happy about the result.
I want to change the look of the blog and wanted to draw something for the opening of the page, like a logo of myself lolI will try again tomorrow, hope I will be more creative by that time ><

And here is a nice song by Nouvelle Vague, the song is called dance with me ... it's a really nice song and this is a part of a movie Called "Bande A Part" which I've never seen but it looks nice... I will see it in the near future ^^

Still lazy

In the end I didn't go anywhere this week, just stayed home... the bad thing is that I really enjoy it!! I'm really a person who enjoys to stay at home, being on the computer, watching TV , but I'm too old for that and I really need to find job!! soon it will happen... just needed sometime to get used to be here again.

My back yard... when I just came here you couldn't see even half of the storage house in the back, but lately it's been nice and sunny so a lot of the snow melted... I'm really waiting for the spring! ^^

Here is my dog Peter again! he likes to stay on the stares and watch everything that's going on from there

I've been catching up with supernatural... I really missed it... and then watched today's episode of Fringe, they are super funny lol

Also I've been watching beauty and fashion ideas on you tube, I will post them later... It's really helpful for me and hope it will for you too ^^

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too lazy this days

My cold it's almost over... but I keep being lazy >< It's been almost two weeks since I've got here and really need to go back on track.
I want to go this  Thursday and spread my resume in the mall.. it's the most convenient place for me... I need to take only one bus and even there is still lots of snow outside, the weather is not so cold and it's sunny.... I really need to take advantage of it.
Japan now is really facing bad times!! and you know my plan is to go there and visit my boyfriend (which is now in Europe)... and my mother started questioning if I should go there even Tokyo is ok... my plan is still the same ^^
I really hope things will get better in there... people already suffer too much and they deserve better times to come and feel in peace again.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I was cold

In this drawing I was thinking about the red building in china town and how nice
red house are in old kind of streets and joyful parades hhehe
 I made this back in Vancouver

Sorry for not writing, I just had a cold and lived my days as a couch potato... when I get a cold I hate being in bed and all I can do is watch TV ><
Hope this days will over soon and start doing something... don't know yet what ^^
well I want to start learning how to saw and hope my grandma will help me, I have some ideas in mind of what I want and now that I feel better it's a good time to start.

A good friend of mine that is still by my side ^^
The only normal photo that I could take of my dog peter,
I will try again later

They have pocky!! So surprised but I guess if Vancouver had so Regina
And the cap noodle I used to eat back than before work


Perdon por no escribir por tanto tiempo, es que anduve un poco enferma y vivi mis dias tirada en el sillon como uno mas de los almohadones que tenemos ... es que cuando estoy enferma no aguanto estar en cama y lo unico que puedo hacer es mirar tele, espero ques estos dias se acaban pronto y empesar a hacer algo ... aunque no se todabia que ><
Vah quiero empesar a aprender como cocer y quiero que mi abuela me ayude ya que tengo algunas ideas en mente de lo que quiero hacer y ahora que me siento mejor es un buen momento para empesar.
Una foto de mu amigo panuelo de papel que hasta ahora sigue a mi lado, despues una foto de mi perrito Peter.. que es la unica foto normal que le pude sacar ( voy a intertar denuevo pronto) y la comida rapida ( no se como se llama en espanio) y el pocky que pense que en mi ciudad no iva a haber pero si lo hay jojojoj
Y un dibujo que me inspire en china town y en 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some old drawing

Those are two drawings I made long time ago, the first one I made it to my grandma and it's the street we used to live in Argentina and autumn is one of my favorite seasons... the colors are so nice, and I like the sound of the leafs when you step on them.
The second one it was for my aunt and She likes to read and it's so nice to look outside and look at the nature something that in the city is not always possible ^^


Estos son unos dibujos que hice hace mucho, el primero fue para mi abuela y esto es como la calle donde viviamos en argentina se ve, el otonio es unos de mis tiempos favoritos... los colores son bonitos y me gusta como suenan las ojas cuando las pisas jejeje
El segundo dibujo fue para mi tia que le gusta leer y es tan lindo mirar la naturalesa que hay afuera y que no siempre es posible verla en la ciudad  ^^

Saturday, March 5, 2011

feel weird and sad

Those are the last pictures I took in Vancouver, I arrived to Regina today... and I fell so weird and I'm so confused because I don't have by my side the person I spent everyday for a year and the person I love the most and like to spend my time with. But maybe I don't supposed to be like that, I know I will see him again , I will try my best to make that happen! and I'm lucky we have internet these days... but I cannot help feeling this way ><
Anyway I'm happy to see my family and hope to get used to be back here again soon ^^
sorry for this short post and sad post hhehehe

Here a song from the movie My neighbor Totoro, even the song is not about love it really help me with this mood hehhee, The path of the wind is the name


Estas fueron las ultimas fotos que me tome en Vancouver, hoy llegue a Vancouver... y me siento rara y triste por que no tengo a mi la a la persona que comparti todos los dias por un anio y la que quien mas quiero y me gusta pasar mi tiempo con el. Quizas no deberia estar asi por que se que lo voy a ver otra vez y voy a hacer lo mejor que pueda para que eso pase! y soy afortunada que vivo en tiempos donde existe el internet... pero igual no puedo evitar sentirme asi ><
pero al final igual estoy contenta por que puedo estar denuevo con mi familia y espero que me pueda acostumbrar pronto a estar aqui denuevo ^^
perdon por este corto y triste post hehe

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't worry if I write rhymes, I write checks

Cardigan from Forever 21 $15
Dress from Joe $10 
Shoes from Also $10

I think this one will my last post from Vancouver, my flight is on Saturday, but tomorrow my boyfriend is sending the computer to japan ><

This is our house now, looks like a picture from the show Hoarders lol the only place that if safe is the washroom hehhe omg such a mess! but don't worry it isn't always been like that, it seems that when you want to order stuffs is when you make the mess.

This is us enjoying our time in the computer, it's nice to sit on the warm floor and put the back on the couch ... aaaah I will really miss my life in here... my blog might become so boring in the future, there is nothing interesting in the place I will go now.. only snow, snow and snow lol (at least in the winter heheh)
Here is a song I like of UFFIE, I don't know so many but this one is cute and it called "Difficult"

Creo que este va a ser el ultimo post desde Vancouve, el vuelo es el sabado pero maniana mi novio va a mandar la compu para japon ><
Ahi les puses unas fotos de mi casa en su estado actual , hay un programa que se llama Hoarders y trata de gente que nunca tira nada, las cosas de estas pesonas se ven como la mia (bueno la de ellos es peor ><)... parece que cuando uno esta ordenando es cuando mas lio hace XD
tambien puse fotos de nosostros disfrutando de nuestro tiempo en la compu, me gusta sentarme en el piso calentito y apoyar mi espalda en el sillon ... aaah como voy a extraniar mi vida aca.... creo que mi blog se va a poner aburridopor que de veras no hay lo que hacer donde vivo... solo nieve, nieve y nieve (en el invierno por lo menos jejej)
los dejo con una cancion de UFFIE, que es la unica que conosco jejje pero es una cancion que me gusta y se llama "difficult"