Thursday, January 6, 2011


Helooo! ^^
Today was my day off so we decided to go out and go to a burger place... we went to a place called Modern burger, the burger was ok not very special... in my opinion McDonald's have more taste and it's cheaper lol 


 I look so sleepy lol

After finishing eating we took a walk in the street, while we were walking I spotted a clothing shop that was a second hand store, there was a cute dog and an old lady that kept saying " everything is one of a kind in here " hehhe ... at the beginning I just wanted to have a look in there, actually I didn't planed to buy anything in there, but I ended up buying a skirt, cardigan and a black coat... this time was my first time buying something second hand ^^

Oooh and I got an account in Chictopia, I know I said I wont subscribe in a more popular site... but don't know, I did it in the end....anyway lets see if I'm doing ok with my clothing or not XD  this is my site Click here ^^

This is me today
I'm wearing the blue dress I bought 2 years ago from Joe (superstore) for 10 dollars I think... ( I think the sale was all last season 10 dollars or something like that...)

Hairband from claire's maybe it was 5 dollars ( don't remember XD )

Shoes from Payless 34$ (the only boots I own right now lol but so far goes with everything)

Have a nice day ^^

Hoy fue mi dia libre y decidimos ir a comer hamburgesas a un lugar que supuestamente tiene que ser su especialidad y ser mejor que mcdonalds... pero todo lo contrario... mcdonalds es mas varato y mejor jejje
despues de terminar de comer... nos fuimos a caminar un poco por ese barrio y me tope con una tiendita de segunda donde estaban un lindo perrito y una viejita que se la pasaba diciendo "todo aqui es unico" ... no pensaba comprar nada.. pero que le voy a hacer... temine comprandome un sacon, un saquito y una falda.
Esta fue la primera vez que compre algo de segunda mano... pero me parecio lindo ^^

bueno no traduci mi post anterio... me anote a dos lugares donde podes mostrar tu look y otra gente lo puede ver... lo hize para ver que tal bien voy con mi cambio... veremos que tal

Style Caster Click aca
Chictopia Click aca

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