Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get over

Thrifted shirt I think it was $3
Jeans from Urban planet 12$
Aldo bag 20$

Nothing much changed from the last post, well we have some real summer days... super hot outside and that makes me happy!!! Finally 30 degrees heheh that will last one day I guess.

I think I never mention it in here but I lived in Israel for 12 years, basically I grew up in there but it's kind of sad to see how much I got myself disconnected from there since I came here, I mean I never use Hebrew ...all the time I speak Spanish and English, don't know any people from there in here... but I do keep in touch with my friends in there, sadly not so often... anyway is very hot in there in the summer and I used to hate it but now I'm waiting for it all the year.... life is funny hehhee

And I leave with you with the song of one of my favorites animes Hikaru No Go, I used to run home from work and fight with my roommates to watch this one on TV, I don't know how I could live without a computer at the time I think I can never do that again ><


No mucho cambio desde mi ultimo post, vah ahora si tenemo unos dias de verano de verdad... esta super caliente afuera y eso me pone contenta, son como 30 grados y seguro que dura un dia.

Creo que nunca mencione que vivi en Israel por 12 anios, se puede decir que creci ahi pero es triste ver como desde que llegue aca me desconecte de ahi, me refiero a que nunga huzo el Hebreo, me la paso hablando Espaniol y Ingles, no conosco a nadie que sea de Israel... si estoy en contacto con mis amigos de alla pero no tan a menudo como tendria que ser ... bueno la cosa es que hacia mucho calor ahi y era una de las cosas que mas odiaba y ahora me la paso esperando que llegue el verano... la vida es divertida jejje

Los dejo con una de las canciones de mi anime favorito Hikaru No go, para ver este anime me venia corriendo del trabajo y me pelaba con mi companieros de departamento para que me dejen mirarlo en la tele, no tenia computadora en ese momento, no creo que pueda vivir asi otra vez ><

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nivea and a Ramdon day

I have some left overs from my flu, but anyway I feel almost perfect ^^
On Saturday I still was kinda sick so I stayed home and yesterday I worked so I didn't do anything this weekend, well I started drawing...

I put lip balm because my lips were very dry, still are >< I thought It looked nice and started to take pictures of it ... too close I'm sorry, It was a very narcissistic moment haha but I hope I'm not alone.

Sometime ago I bought 3 Nivea lip balms, which are little more than that

First one is Nivea lip care - Light Kiss : which is totally a normal one and it's what I'm wearing on the first  picture, it doesn't have any color just gives a little bit of shine, I think is very nice.

Nivea Pearly Shine: it's a light pink which gives a pearly look to the lips, the effect it does is not so light like you would expect from a lip balm but I personally like it cause I'm not  a person that wears lipstick so often and it's really nice to have this one for such moments .
(those are my lips, but I made the pictures smaller and my lips got another shape heheh)

Nivea Fruity Shine: The same as the other one, It give a nice red color (not so strong) to the lips..
I like that color a lot and the smell is super nice but it doesn't have any taste... Which is something that made me disappointed >< but I really love this one anyway.

They don't last for sooo long but it's ok I guess, I think is a very good product when you want some color on the lips but don't want to wear any lipstick and it's cheap too heheh


el resfrio casi se me fue y me siento casi perfecta, como todabia el sabado no me sentia muy bien me quede en casa y el domingo trabaje asique no hice nada este fin de semana, vah anduve dibujando un poco y como tenia los labios secos (todavia los tengo) me puse crema (?) para los labios..
Hace un tiempo atras me compre 3 productos de nivea que son para labios secos

El primero es Nivea Light Kiss- que no tiene ningun tipo de color solo le da un poco de brillo a los labios y es el que tengo puesto en la primera foto.

Nivea pearly shine- este le da un color rosado con un poco de brillo , el effecto puede ser un poco fuerte para este tipo de producto, ya que uno piensa que el color y el brillo va a ser bien leve, pero esta bueno cuando uno no quiere poneser lapiz labial  pero igual quiere tener algo de color en los labios.

Nivea Fruity shine - este le dan un lindo tono de rojo a los labios y tambien tiene muy rico olor... es el que mas me gusta.

No duran mucho tiempo en los labios pero eso no es mucho problema para mi, pero como ya dije vienen bien en momentos que uno no quiere usar lapiz labial y tambien son bastante varatos ^^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Dreamer

One of the things I enjoy the most when I'm on the bus is to daydream.. I don't know how to drive and I live in a city where driving is a must, if you don't have a car you're kinda useless and it's something you can see from my latest post ... that my life have been very boring but since I don't have a choice I must take a bus which allows me to just sit with my music and look what's going outside... just daydream for a moment, it's something I will miss when I will start driving if it ever happens hehehe.
This drawing I made after I saw two kids playing, exactly the way I draw it ... it looked like lots of fun!!
The last couple of days I've been sick and didn't go to work >< And it's so nice outside such a shame to stay at home .


Unas de las cosas que mas me gusta hacer cuando estoy en el bus es soniar... no se manejar y vivo en una ciudad que si uno no maneja puede llegar a sentirse inutil y es algo que se puede sentir en mis ultimos post pero igual no me queda otra que tomar el bus donde me pueso sentar escuchando musica y comtemplar lo que esta pasando afuera... me deja soniar por algunos momentos.
Lo que dibuje es a dos chicos jugando justo como lo ilustre, parecia como un monmento muy divertido y eso lo vi mientras viajaba.
Estos ultimos dias ando enferma y no fui a trabajar es de lo peor estar asi cuando los dias estan lindos es una pena no poder ir afuera.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Cardigan from Rickie's 15$
T shirt from Garage 13$
Skirt From Angela 5$
Shoes From Payless I think it was 40$

As I told the other post I went to Rihanna's concert, It wasn't in my city so we needed to drive 2 hours to Saskatoon Which is where everything happens... it sucks when the main city it's actually not the main one.
This is what we saw for two hours and you can have such kind of view for 8 hours or more sometimes hehehe

We got there early so we can take a walk in the city and eat something before the concert, we had a nice time.. I wanted to wear that skirt again and this is was a good opportunity to do so... I felt really fun with it.

Many people went there!! at the beginning Cee lo Green came to sing, he had sore throat so his voice wasn't at his best but actually he was great anyway...but....

despite his great voice the audience wasn't the best with him unlike with Rihanna, I think the problem was that there was too much sexy stuff without any reason ( sexy dancers, sexy screens, sexy him) and it's not like the audience is conservative (I guess)...  if you go to see Rihanna I think you know that sexy staff will happen and it's also not because he is a men and she is a women...
I don't mind about that kind of staff as long it's made with a good taste and doesn't look cheap... it needs to be done in a way you will feel related to it somehow, what do you think about it?? ooh and there was lots of kids in there actually(including my sister) , my friend really felt sad about those kids... I think they didn't notice any of it and they just enjoy the music and lights... you should see a little boy that was beside us... didn't stop dancing with his mother, didn't care about anything ... what do you think?

After a long waiting Rihanna came!! people began to scream hehhe she started the show singing Only Girl .. well I will put 3 videos so you can see her performance if you want , I think it's much better than me explaining.
Maybe I will not become a fan of her, But she will have all my respect... She is a great singer and made a great performance!
The show was very sensual and super sexy but there was a good balance... The beginning of the show was the most sensual one which had a gay sado maso pillow fight and her taking a girl from the audience and getting on top of her while they are on the floor hehe, but the girl couldn't be happier and the audience as well , then a sexy army came, after that things became more settle.
On most of the show she was the only sexy thing as you can see on the videos and that's great the footage on the screen were very artistic and beautiful... really everything was well made and made you enjoy every minute of it... most of my life I went to rock concerts but going to such concert can be super great as well!

Como les dije en post antertior el domingo fui a ver a Rihanna , como no fue en mi ciudad tuvimos que viajar dos horas hasta Saskatoon que es el lugar donde todo pasa, de veras que es de lo peor vivir en la ciudad que es que la principal pero verdaderamente no lo es.
Fuimos temprano para poder dar un paseo por ahi y comer algo asique la pasamos bien mientras

El concierto empeso con el cantante Cee Lo Green quien tenia la garganta mal pero eso no le impidio cantar con su gran voz, de veras que canto super bien pero la gente no lo recibio muy bien... Creo que el problema fue que su show tenia demasiado casas sexys... oh fueron mostradas de una forma que lo incomoda a uno como una chica comiendo una banana ... y no creo que fuera por que la audiencia sea conservativa ya que si vas a ver a Rihanna de seguro te esperas que allan este tipo de cosas y tampoco creo que por que ella es una mujer y el hombre.
A mi mucho no me importa ese tipo de cosas mientras sea de  buen gusto y no se vea muy vulgar... tiene que ser algo que uno se sienta en sierto punto indentificado con eso... que creen ustedes? ooh y habia un monton de chicos ( uno de esos mi hermana), mi amiga se sintio apenada por ellos... yo creo que ni se dieron cuenta y disfrutaron de la musica y las luses ... tenian que ver a un nene que bailaba con su mama... no le importaba de nada jejeje, que creen piensan ustedes?

Quizas no me ve voy a hace su fan pero si va a tener todos mis respeto, tiene una voz muy buena y sabe hacer un buen show!!!
El show que hizo fue sensual y muy sexy... pero con un buen balance, el principio del show fue lo mas provocativo, Ella se subio encima de una chica que sacaron de la audiencia y mientras las dos en el suelo, pero la chica no podia estar mas feliz jejjee despues de la mitad el show se puso mas calmado ... como ya dije es un buen balance...
los dejo con los videos del concierto ^^

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What are the youth to do?

Top from H&M for 14$ but there are exactly the same cheaper in other stores 
Cardigan from bf ehhe
Skirt from Forever 21 for 12$
Tights from Aldo 12$ I think

Today I went with my family to the mall... My sister needed to buy a dress because they have a party for the end of the year and next year she will go to high school ... 
The difference of age with my middle sister is 11 and with the little one is 17 years... that it's something that makes most people confuse, I think being with my middle sister makes me look younger but with the little sister... I hope most of the people think she is my niece or something and not her mother lol
Well the explanation is that we are not from the same father, I don't call him father at home but when I talk about him to other people I call him father.
Anyway I ate Poutine!!! I love it so much.... The best Canadian thing he ^^ ( I want more now that I see it again)

When we came home me and my sister started to take pictures, I found another person to bother hohoho
I think she looks great on pictures and every picture she takes she looks awesome... unlike me... I make such a funny faces and it's not on purpose lol                                  Oh and tomorrow I'm going to Rihana's concert... It was the most random thing... while we were having dinner my father was like Riahana is coming and it's cheap and my mother was like lets go and then my sister was like me too and then I said me too and .... after ten minutes my father bought the tickets and now we must go heheh
My family usually is against pop music but not so much anymore... I do remember those days when they told me that The Backstreet boys and Britney Spears are Sh*t... so funny to see how things change XD

The Radio Dept. - Heaven's On Fife .. I love this band


Hoy fui al shopping con mi familia ya que mi hermana se tenia que comprar us vestido por que este anio se termina la escuela y como el anio que viene va a la secundaria van a hacer un gran fiesta en la escuela.
La diferencia de edad con mi hermana del medio es 11 anios y con la chiquita son 17 anios, eso es algo que hace confundir a la mayoria de la gente, creo que cuando estoy con mi hermana del medio paresco mucho mas joven de lo que soy pero cuando estoy con mi hermanita .... espero que la gente piense que es mi sobrina o algo asi y no su mama ><
La explicacion de esto es que no somos del mismo padre, a mi papa no lo llamo papa pero caundo hablo de el a otra gente si me refiero a el como papa.
Y hoy comi poutine!!! me encanta... lo mejor de canada eh jejeje ( ahora que lo estoy viendo quiero comer mas ><)

Cuando volvimos a casa mi hermana y yo espesamos a sacarnos fotos, encontre a otra persona a quien fastidiar ohohoh y de veras que sale super bien en las fotos y es re fotogenica ... no como yo que pongo cada cara y sin de veras hacerlo aproposito.

Oh y maniana voy a ir al concierto de Riahana, fue lo mas espontaneo del mundo.. mi papa dijo: va a venir Riahana y esta varato y mi mama dijo vamos juntos y mi hermana dijo yo tambien quiero ir y yo dije yo tambien y.... a los diez minutos mi papa compro las entradas y ahora todos tenemos que ir jejeje
Mi familia la mayoria de las veces esta en contra de la musica pop pero quizas ya no tanto... si que me recuerdo de aquellos dias que me decian que los Backstreet Boys y Britney Spears eran una Mie**a... es gracioso ver como las cosas cambian 

La musica es de The Radio Dept.- Heaven's On Fire... una de mis bandas favoritas

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This week I finished watching Damages, I don't know why I didn't do it before .... It's a great TV series with a great story.
It's about a lawyers and crimes ... nothing like Law and Order hehhe
To make a summary out of all the seasons : It's about a young lawyer that has a love/hate relationship with her boss which is one of the most famous lawyers and that women loves to deal with huge cases but not in a very legal way. Each season is about a case and it always kept me wanting to see what will happen next.

When I saw Ellen the young lawyer I was like Oh My Gah! this is the style I would like to have! I know some people might think it's kinda boring since she wears lots of black and neutral colors but I just adore the clean and romantic look she has.
I also checked Rose Byrne the actress who plays Ellen and she has such a nice style as well.
Of course I don't want to be exactly the same, but I finally found a basis that will allow me to continue to find my own style and I noticed I bought many black and neutrals since I thought it would be good thing to do for the start, so I don't have so much colors and I don't want to spend more money this month unless it's an eyeliner which I don't have and clothes for work.
ooh and here is a picture of how I use to be not so long time ago (until 8 months ago or something ) , I don't think is totally bad, I adore that sweater hehe, but I would like to have a look more put together soemtimes ^^  ooh and underneed the jeans I have 2 pairs of thighs because is so cold here XD Do you have a TV character or a person that you fallow? Not dressing the same but that you like to take ideas from...
I've seen many that I think dress very nice and I like a lot, but never felt they represent me, this is the firts one hehehe

And here are some picture of ellen ^^

And here is a song that the plaied on Demage and I liked

Madita- Ceylon


Estas semana termine de ver Demages, no se por que no lo hice antes ya que esta es una gran serie con una muy buena historia.
Es de abogados y crimenes pero bastante complejo, para hacerlo corto se trata de una joven abogada que tiene una relacion de amistad pero al mismo tiempo de enemiga con una famosa abogada que le gusta tratar casos de mucha gravedad de una forma que no siempre es legal. Cada temporada trata de un caso distinto y siempre lo deja intrigado a uno.

Cuando vi al personaje de Ellen mi primera reaccion fue Oh my gah! por fin pude encotrar el estilo que quisiera tener, claro que no igual pero senti como que tengo una base con la que puedo seguir buscando mi propio estilo.
A algunos le parecera que su estilo es un poco aburrido ya que usa mucho negro y colores neutrales pero de veras que adoro su romatico estilo y este anio estube comprando mucho negro y colores neutrales por que me parecio una buena idea para empesar y ya que compre demasiado y no quiero gastar mas plata ... solo si fuera un eyeliner que no tengo o ropa para el trabajo.
Puse una foto de como solia vestirme no hace mucho atras, creo que vesti asi hace como 8 meses ... no me parece mal, adoro ese top rojo.... pero si me gustaria tener un mejor look.
ahi me puse dos pares de medias debajo del pantalon por que hacia mucho frio jejej
ustedes Tambien tienen un personaje de TV o alguna persona que ustedes les saque ideas??
antes si veia personas que se visten bonito y me gustaba mucho su estilo pero nada que me representa a mi, esta es la primera vez ^^

Y les dejo una cancion que aparecion en la serie y me gusto, Madita - ceylon.

Monday, June 13, 2011

No one knows Where our secrets go


Shirt from H&M 10$
Skirt second hand 15$ (Zara)

Today I went shopping for some shoes, I'm 25 now and I thought I'm ready to try heel.
I'm not so tall (1.63 , 5'4) but I felt like a giant when I did try them and that's one of the main reason I always kept myself far away from them, also I didn't feel confident enough to wear it... I felt like I will look absolutely ridiculous, Still I feel like I might look like that but I really want to try.
I wanted to buy a soft color at the beginning but finding the perfect heels turned out to be really hard for me (actually it always been hard for me to find shoes that fit me)... my feet are really thin so even if the shoe was my size it still would look big on me on the sides, I couldn't find anything like I planed, but I found the perfect black shoes lol the only one that fit my feet perfect.

Being skinny wasn't always a bless for me, actually it's been like a course.
Finding clothes, shoes and accessories like bracelets that fit me it's super hard...also many people always telling me how scary I look was very hard for me even if they try to care about me , I know it didn't come from a bad place ... Lately I feel better about it, I eat everything I want , It might be nooot sooooo much but it's what I need , so I know that it's how I'm and I really can't change it... maybe with the years it will as I get older but I won't wait for that moment and I will try my best to feel good with myself now... Before that I always tried to hide that wearing oversize things or things that are not tight but I've got tired of hiding ... I always wanted to look nice I think everybody wants that, I'm still trying ... sometimes I over do staff so easily because even if I want to look nice I also don't want to spend so much time on it so I just put everything ... I'm still kinda lazy hehhee
So I think people need to remember that people come in all kind of sizes =)
I don't need compliments but hearing that kinds of staff it's not so nice,  this blog wasn't to get compliments either  ... just to see how I'm doing in the process as I always wrote diaries... It's something I enjoy to do ^^

oooh and for more positive things here is what I bought

Today my little sister put the disc of Smashing Pumpkins I have while she was playing with toys (she enjoys that kind of music and she is 8 hehe) and hearing them today really gave memories specially the song Mayonnaise it was perfect for me today ^^

And sorry for such a long post again... I didn't planed it to be like that hehe


Hoy fui a compra sapatos, ya tengo 25 y siento que estoy prepara para comprar tacos.
no soy tan alta (1.63, 5'4) pero cuando me ponia tacos me sentia como una gigante esa era una de las gran razones por lo que siempre me mantuve lejos de ellos, la otra razon es por que sentia que me veria ridicula poniendomelos , todavia siento eso pero de veras que quiero tratar de usarlos.
Queria comprar un color claro pero encontrar los sapatos perfectos para mi no es facil ya que tengo el pie angosto y por mas que me ponga el sapato que sea de mi talla me queda grande por los costados, no pude encontrar lo que planeaba pero si pude encontrar unos sapatos negros que me quedaron perfectos.

Ser fraca nunca fue una gran suerte para mi, mas bien fue una maldicion.
Encontrar ropa, sapatos o accesorios como pulseras que me quedaran bien siempre me fue algo dificil encontrar, tambien escuchar tantas veces que le doy impresion a la gente me pone mal... ya se que lo dicen por mi bien.... ultimamente me siento mejor conmigo misma ... yo como lo que quiero aun que no sea un moooonton pero es lo que yo quiero al fin.. quizas estoy va a cambiar cuando sea mas mayor pero no voy a esperar a ese momento por que por ahora de veras que no puedo hacer nada , es como soy asi que voy a tratar de sentirme bien como soy =)
Antes me ponia ropa que me quedaba grande o que no era para nada ajustada pero me canse de esconderme, siempre quise verme bien, creo que todos quieren eso, todabia estoy trantando asique las cosas se ven medias forsadas a veces ... es que por mas que quiera verme bien no quiero tampoco pensar tanto en eso asique me pongo todo lo que tengo a mano... soy vaga todabia.
Creo que la gente tiene que enterder que la gente viene en todo tipo de tallas.
Yo no necesito que me esten algando, pero oir ese tipo de cosas tampoco es lindo y este blog tampoco lo hice para que me alagen .. solo que quiero ver como voy con esto y siempre me gusto escribir diarios.. es algo que disfruto ^^

en la foto esta lo que me compre hoy

Hoy mi hermana mientras estaba jugando puse el dicos de los Smashing pumpkins que tengo (tiene 8 y le gusta este tipo de musica jeje) y escucharlos hoy si que me trajo memorias , especialmente la cancion Mayonnaise que me vino perfecto hoy  ^^

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finished Bottle : Herbal Essences - Tousle Me Softly Mousse

For most of my life I tried to avoid hair products, one of the reason was that my curls also used to look ok without anything and the other reason was that I couldn't stand to touch my hair and feel hair product in it, but in the last past year my hair started to freeze a lot even when is not so humid giving me no choice to get a hair product well the other choice was to look like a witch ><

The reason I bought this mousse is that it was on sale (2.99$) hehhee but even the regular price is fine... oooh and the other reason is that the commercial said that it leaves the hair touchable and they were right!!!
The best thing is to put it when the hair is wet, but sometimes I'm very lazy to take a shower in the morning so I put some water in my hair to make it wet and then put the mousse and it works fine ^^
The other thing I like is to wait until my hair dries and then to start touching my hair, I found that way my hair stays ok and don't get messy... (well this is if you don't do any style on your hair).
I really like this mousse! it leaves my hair very soft and feels like I didn't put anything on... that way I can touch my hair without any greasy feeling left hehee , even after a very windy days my hair still looks perfect =D
Even if it says it's for wavy hair I would definitely recommend it to girl who have curls like mine and want their hair to look natural.
Sorry for such a long review for just a mousse , it's just that is one of my favorites products, but still I try leave my hair without any product if it's possible but sometimes I must use it ^^

And here is a video that TheCurlyGirlie86 made with cute hair styles for curly hair 


Casi toda mi vida trate trate de no usar productos para el pelo, una de las razones era que mi pelo se quedaba bien sin nada y la otra razon es que odiaba tocar mi pelo cuando me ponia algo, pero en este ultimo anio mi pelo se ponia malo hasta caundo no habia mucha humedad dejandome sin ninguba opcion  a no ser que quisiera optar por un look de bruja ><

La razon por lo que compre este mousse es que estaba de oferta (2.99$) igual el precio regular es varato, oooh y la otra razon era que la propaganda decia que te dejaba el pelo listo para tocarlo y de veras que tenian razon,
Lo mejor es ponerselo cuando el pelo esta totalmente mojado pero yo soy media vaga para baniarme por el dia, asique me mojo un poco el pelo con agua y me va bien, Lo otro que me gusta hacer es esperar a que se me seque el pelo y recien despues empesar a tocarlo,, de esa manera creo que no se me hace un lio el pelo ( eso lo hago si voy a dejarme el pelo suelto nadamas)
A mi me encanta este mousse por que me deja el pelo suave y cuando lo toco no me queda la mano engrasada ni nada, hasta en dias que hay un monton de viento el pelo me queda perfecto =D
A pesar que no diga que es para pelo enrulado de veras que lo recomiendo para chicas que tengan el pelo como yo.
De veras perdon por tanto escribir solo para un mousse , es que es uno de mis favoritos, igual trato de dejarme el pelo sin nada lo mas posible pero hay dias que no puedo sin el ^^

Los dejo con un video que hizo una chica ... ella muestra diferentes estilos para hacer con el pelo enrulado .

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nice day Today

Dress from Angela 11$
Shoes from Payless 10$

Today we finally had a super nice weather!!! I'm so happy!
I took many pictures but in most of them my face looked pissed off  since I couldn't open my eyes because of the sun , I tried to change my position but it didn't help.
I wanted to look simple today since I was just going to the park but it turned out to be kinda dressy hehehe
The fabric of the dress is like swimsuit fabric, I think it's really nice dress for some event in the beach or in the park.

on most of the pictures I look like that ehehe

Well the place is very nice... I would like to go there again soon and here are some pictures I took in there

I really want to go shopping one of these day hehe ,That's why I will leave you with this song ^^


Hoy pon fin tuvimos un dia soleado y lindo!! estoy tan contenta!!
Me tome bastantes fotos pero casi en todas sali con cara de enojada ya que el sol me daba a la cara y no importaba donde me pare.
Queria verme simpre hoy ya que solo era que iva ir al parque, pero se ve un poquito "elegante", la tela del vestido creo que es el tipo de tela que usan para las mallas, creo que es un vestido que queda bien para un evento en la playa on el parque.

Ahi puse fotos de como salio mi cara y otras fotos que tome hoy en el parque.
De veras que quiero ir de shopping en alguno de estos dias es por eso que los dejo con esa cancion ^^

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tanjobi Omedeto!

This Is a drawing I made for my boyfriend's birthday, I sent it to him and hope he will get it soon.
So hard to be so far away, anyway I'm happy he said he likes it ^^
Well actually his birthday was almost a week ago hehe

It's till winter in here... been lazy all the week... didn't even take one picture or make any drawing heheh 

Here is a song by one of his favorite bands ^^

Aca un dibujo que hice para el cumple de mi novio, se lo mande por correo y espero que le llegue pronto.
Es tan dificil estar tan lejos pero igual estoy contenta que me dijo que le gusto ^^
Su cumple fue una semana atras jeje

Aca todabia es invierno... estube bageando toda la semana.. no tome ninguna foto ni hice ningun dibujo jjeje

Aca los dejo con una de sus bandas favoritas ^^