Saturday, January 22, 2011

Too much burgers

Today was a normal day...
After I came back home we went to the supermarket and stop by the burger shop and of course eat a burger again, well actually only my boyfriend bought one, but I ate of his (just a little)
I ended up buying a caramel frapuchino in Starbucks which is one of my favorite drinks right now.
Here is me and my Hamburgers day XD
Sorry For the bad quality of the drawings ... I wish I had a scanner
     Me and my Boyfriend at the bar eating burgers

me as a packman that eats burgers

me loving burgers ^^


Hola hoy fue un dia normal...
Despues de volver de trabajar fuimos al supermecado y depaso fuimos a come hamburgesas... vah fue mi novio el que compro pero yo le comi un poquito jejeje
yo termine comprandome un frapuchino caramel en Starbacks que es uno de mis favoritos ahora para tomar.

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