Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still lazy

In the end I didn't go anywhere this week, just stayed home... the bad thing is that I really enjoy it!! I'm really a person who enjoys to stay at home, being on the computer, watching TV , but I'm too old for that and I really need to find job!! soon it will happen... just needed sometime to get used to be here again.

My back yard... when I just came here you couldn't see even half of the storage house in the back, but lately it's been nice and sunny so a lot of the snow melted... I'm really waiting for the spring! ^^

Here is my dog Peter again! he likes to stay on the stares and watch everything that's going on from there

I've been catching up with supernatural... I really missed it... and then watched today's episode of Fringe, they are super funny lol

Also I've been watching beauty and fashion ideas on you tube, I will post them later... It's really helpful for me and hope it will for you too ^^

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