Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here posting old drawings again

Here is a drawing I made for my friend, she is an actress in the theater and she really likes the mask, as well she like elves... so I made a drawing of  The Guardians of the masks

I don't remember the reason for this one
 I don't remember the reason for this one aether, Just that maybe I was watching an anime with a warrior or something ><

I like Pierrots, they look very romantic and dreamy and I was reading a story by Oscar Wild about a bird that gave his life to create a red rose out of a white one giving his blood, so a man can give that rose to the women he loved... it's a very sad story :(  That story inspired me to do this one.

I'm really not a big reader, but sometimes I used to read short stories, actually the one who likes to read a lot is my boyfriend which owns like thousands of books heheh

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