Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Return to nothingness and joy just might be right

Vintage cardigan
Gray shirt from Walmart $10
Skirt from forever 21 $12


Today was kinda busy day... Before I went to Vancouver I worked as a cleaner and from tomorrow I will return to that until I find something else, which of course will take me some time since as I already said I'm very bad at finding jobs ><
Anyway I applied To work in a place like Sears Hope they will call me! there is a friend working in there and would be so nice to work in a place that you know somebody, even if it's almost impossible I'm still happy just to think about it =)
After I met the people from the previous cleaning job a good friend of mine came home and then we went to the mall and met another friend hehee
aaah in the mall it was very tough not to buy something, I really saw some really nice things in a really good price but I stopped myself from buying at least until I get my first paycheck, well I'll try my best.

I found really nice stuff in my grandma closet lol the cardigan is one them, I really love the color of it and it doesn't look so old, at least I think so.
I found my comfort zone wearing a cardigan, some nice shirt and a skirt, I really like putting the shirt inside...
I think it gives a more it more of an "elegant look" It's something I would never do before... anyway I will still try new things with the time.
I think the neighbor saw me taking the pictures, I was running back and fort with the camera, she might have thought I'm a crazy narcissistic girl  


And here is a song from Hot Chip that I really like called The Warning and I like the video which this person made for it ^^


2befab said...

hi there!!!!!!!!!
what an amazing blog...
if you want we could follow each other...
let me know..

Camii Palta said...

love your cardigan!!!