Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Horror Vacui hehe

Here again! ^^
Horror Vacui : Fear to leave a blank space on a paint or drawing ... it's the necessity to fill every part of the page and it's something I cannot help lol
When I'm drawing it's very hard for me to leave a white space, unless I'm only drawing a character... I feel if I don't do it... It would look like I forgot about that particular place and it would look unfinished

 Well this one of the drawings I've been working on and I will leave a small white place!!! aaaah it's so hard hhee

and here I will post old drawings again

When I was doing this drawing for some reason I was thinking about the time I went to Paris
I'm a fan of the night!!!

Even I don't like fortune telling , I like misteries and to know the answer of it

I really don't remember the reason for this one, I guess I was a wondering teenager at the time

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Camii Palta said...

Hello, it's been a while but
here I am to tell you
that keep going drawing
because you do so well! There are very pretty!!