Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some old drawing

Those are two drawings I made long time ago, the first one I made it to my grandma and it's the street we used to live in Argentina and autumn is one of my favorite seasons... the colors are so nice, and I like the sound of the leafs when you step on them.
The second one it was for my aunt and She likes to read and it's so nice to look outside and look at the nature something that in the city is not always possible ^^


Estos son unos dibujos que hice hace mucho, el primero fue para mi abuela y esto es como la calle donde viviamos en argentina se ve, el otonio es unos de mis tiempos favoritos... los colores son bonitos y me gusta como suenan las ojas cuando las pisas jejeje
El segundo dibujo fue para mi tia que le gusta leer y es tan lindo mirar la naturalesa que hay afuera y que no siempre es posible verla en la ciudad  ^^


Laureen said...

your coloring is so beautiful:) oh do take pictures and blog about regina as well!

Rorro said...

Thank you! and of course I wull post things about Regina soon ^^

Emilia James said...

you have some beautiful drawings! Where did you move to?

Camii Palta said...

what a beatiful and cute drawings!!
you have to keep going about this
I mean draw... you do very well!!
take care!!

Rorro said...

Emilia : Thank you!! ^^ Now I moved to Regina (Saskatchewan)aaaah I miss the winter of vancouver... it's like spring in there lol

Cami: Thank you a lot! =) I will try to do my best to keep drawing