Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dance with me

 Today I just wanted to wear something casual and nice! this is shirt belongs to my boyfriend hehe actually I took some things from him hohoho I like the color of this one.
So today I went to Walmart to buy papers so I can start drawing again ^^ I noticed they have some very nice clothes... actually the price is not thaaaaat cheap, the same price as Joe (super store) the price is ok.
They had something called G-21 or something like that (like forever 21) It made me lough a lot hehe

As I said I bought paper so I can start drawing, I had some ideas but wasn't happy about the result.
I want to change the look of the blog and wanted to draw something for the opening of the page, like a logo of myself lolI will try again tomorrow, hope I will be more creative by that time ><

And here is a nice song by Nouvelle Vague, the song is called dance with me ... it's a really nice song and this is a part of a movie Called "Bande A Part" which I've never seen but it looks nice... I will see it in the near future ^^

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