Monday, February 28, 2011

Not enought snow for me

Second hand coat
Bag from Aldo $19
Dress from H&M $30

The other day I talked with my mother and then with my friend back home... And I mentioned about all the stores I will miss ><  Regina is a very small city and you don't have so many choices.. well they have a mall with gap and something like that... but is not my favorite.
I was talking how much I will miss H&M and forever 21! in those stores you can find such nice things and not so expensive and when I get to know them well I need to go back hehehe 
So while talking about it and telling me that they wished they had such store to buy clothes... I went to buy some presents for them in H&M... I really hope they like it!
When we came back home it started to snow a little, even today wasn't as cold as the other days... but still cold hehe
I like this dress because it's neck can be use as a scarf when you close the coat, so I don't need to Carrie a scarf lol
well I need to prepare for the dessert of snow there is back home XD


El otro dia hable con mi mama y despues con una amiga mia, les dije cuanto voy a extraniar los negocios que hay aca >< Regina es una ciudad muy pequenia y no hay tantos negocios como aca... claro que hay donde comprar, el el shopping tenes gap y cosas asi pero no son mis favoritos.
Les dije cuanto voy a extraniar H&M y Forever 21! en estos negocios pordes encontrar cosas super lindas y no tan caras. Por eso es que fui a H&M a comprales algo , espero que les guste!!!
Cuando volviamos para casa empeso a nevar un poquito y eso que no hacia tanto frio como otros dias, pero igual hacia frio.
Me gusta este vestido por que el cuello lo podes usar como bufanda cuando cerras el saco y eso hace que no tenga que llevar bufanda hehhe
Me tengo que preparar para el desierto de nieve que me espera en regina XD


Camii Palta said...

I love this outfit
specially the coat and the dress lovely!!
take care!!! :]

Chroma said...

Oh, I like this outfit! The all-black is very chic.