Thursday, February 17, 2011

China Town

Today we went to china town, it was a very cold day and for a moment when it started raining it looked like it started snowing, but not lol
Because of it I tried to wear something warm that's why I like this scarf and it also put some color into all the black hehhe 
I was a little bit afraid of china town since I always read bad things about, but it was kind of ok.... as long as you don't enter to hasting street! really do not enter to hasting street from there ><
But I discovered it to be a very charming place! the streets looked special and different from other places in the city.

The gate of China Town

Pender street

A cool building

Then we went to the Classical Chinese Garden which is small but very beautiful. I could sit in there all day and just look at the view ^^

I think China Town is a very special place, from there you can go to Gas Town that as old looking Streets and some antique shops.
Afterthat is was cold to be outside and we decided to come back home and feel warm again, Cold days really make you appreciate coming home again hehhe

Hola Hoy fuimos a China Town, aunque hacia frio y por un momento cuando empeso a llover parecia como si estuviera nevando ... pero no jejjeje
Por eza razon me queria poner ropa que me mantenga en calor, por eso me gusta esa bufanda que tambien le puso color a lo negro que tenia puesto.
Al principio tenia un poco de miedo de ir ahi, por que lei cosas malas de ese lugar, pero mientras no entras a Hasting street todo bien... de veras no entres a Hasting street ><
Pero descubri que es un lugar encantador, es especial y diferente a otro lugares de la ciudad.
Despues fuimos a un pequenio parque que se llama El clasico jardin chino... es muy bonito y me podria quedar sentada todo el dia mirando el paisaje.
despues como hacia mucho frio y nos dio pereza quedarnos afuera ... decidimos volver a casa asi estamos calentitos otra vez, de veras que los dias frio te hacen apreciar mucho poder volver a casa otra vez jejje

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Camii Palta said...

Hello!!! you look very warm with your coat and scarf!! must be a cold day as you said...
The photos are beautiful!!
China Town look like a very good place
and the garden must be so amazing and peacefull :)
take care!!