Sunday, February 13, 2011

Olympic Anniversary

 Jacket from forever 21 $25
Tights from Aldo $10
Scarf from Urban Planet
Headband From Ardene 5 for $10 and there 
were 3 headbands in the package

Today I tried to wear all white and red, but I don't have shoes or skirt in those colors :( so I chose black as the "other" color ^^  the reason for these colors is that today Vancouver celebrated the 1st anniversary of the Olympics , which in my opinion is a very weird anniversary , but they found a good reason to make a party so I was there hehehe
They made activities in many places around downtown... so I will put pictures of what I could see ^^

The Olympic torch which is very cool!!! and this time they let us get closer to the torch ^^

They were also ice skating hehehe

There was a small parade which was very fun it was from something called Public Dreams, their costumes were very dreamy but we couldn't  take good pictures of them ><

The train engine in my back

Trying to act like the old day lol

Then we went towards Yale Town , that the main theme there was lights.
First we went to see the train engine... is so cool to see real old stuffs, I really enjoyed my short time there, then we just walked on the streets and saw other cool stuffs

It was very cool to see that on the wall!!

A fire show ^^

Then we went to see some concerts, at first we saw a band called Said The Whale .... I didn't know them, but I really liked them and I will try to find some of their music so that I can keep listening to them.
Then there was a DJ party but the camera battery died XD
But I had lots of fun with the band and the DJ.... I jumped a lot and my legs now hart hheheh 

Enjoying watching Said The Whale


Chroma said...

I quite like your tights! I'm looking for a pair of solid white tights of my own.
And that torch looks really cool!

Rorro said...

Yeah I really like the torch, I wish they kept the fire in there everyday