Tuesday, February 8, 2011

supposed to be a day in the beach XD

Hat and Scarf from Ardene 2 for $15
Long cardigan from Suzy Shier $33
White top From H&M $10
And the rest is very old

Today I had very long and fun day!
At the begining we went to eat Ramen at Brodway City Hall in a place called Men-ya It was ok.... but I was so happy eating it anyway 


Then we went to Kitsilano beach, which was very very very very windy lol
The thing that made happy was that the clothes looked so nice flowing in the wind They looked like waves and I can say the same about my hair lol... maybe the hat was a little bothersome as it flew from my head a few times hehehe (and my hair as well ) , but anyway now I can lough about it.

And here is me trying to get some nice picture in the beach XD

Cool pic taken by mistake

And here is me chasing the hat lol and having fan on the swing

I had never seen that kind of swing ><

Hoy tuvimos un largo y divertido dia!
Al principio fuimos a comer Ramen en Brodway City Hall en un lugar que me llama Men-Ya. No es uno de los mejores pero igual lo disfrute bastante ^^

Despues fuimos a la playa de Kitsilano... que hacia un viento de locos!! pero me gusto como lusia mi ropa que flotaban como olas en el viento y mi pelo tambien hehehe. Lo que quizas fue un poco molesto era el sombrero que me puse que se me volo como dos veces de la cabeza ( lo mismo va para mi pelo), pero igual son cosas graciosas para recordar


Camii Palta said...

Hello as I said on chictopia
you had beautiful photos! I love that you take photos about what you ate, I mean I can know many things from other places :)
I love your scarf (That is the name?') but anyway
I think you understand me :) The "scarf" is so cute I love it!!
take care :) xx

Rorro said...

Thank you! Yeah it's nice to know about different places, I like it as well.
Yep scarf it is lol and don't worry about English so much as I'm the same as you ^^