Sunday, May 1, 2011

Drawing again! ^^

I made two new drawing this week! I really feel my skills are coming back and it makes me so happy ^^
I didn't draw for very long time and that made me to lose some of the skills I gathered over the years... I really had a huge black out... every time I tried to make something I just couldn't put it on paper or it just came  awkward , that makes you feel very frustrated but now things are getting better!!!

You can see that I still waiting for the flowers to bloom
I like mushrooms! I can eat them all day... before a year ago I really used to hate them, I couldn't even think about eating them... how things change lol but I always like their shape hehe

This one I made thinking about the fake aquarium I went in Vancouver, I posted about this place if you remember... I never had the opportunity to go diving and see colorful fishes... I wish I could ^^

And this is an very old drawing I made about the sleeping beauty


Esta semana hice dos dibujos, creo que mi habilidad esta volviendo y eso me pone super contenta!!
Como ya les conte, de veras que no dibuje por un monton de tiempo y eso me hizo que haga perder mis habilidades jejeje cada vez que me ponia a dibujar no lo podia pasar al papel o que me quedaba muy mal echo pero por suerte las cosas se estan poniendo mejor ^^


Armani's-Thoughts said...

Aw the drawings are very cute
the last one is my favorite

--Sanam-- said...

It definitely looks like you're regaining your skills, these drawings are fab :) I especially like the one of the person sitting on a giant mushroom :D

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