Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Like a princess

I really hate my scanner , it takes all the life and color of this drawing, the bad thing is that I already gave it to the person I made it for.

Here is some of the process

Well I'm sorry again for such a bad quality.
It was for one of my coworkers and she liked it ^^
It reminds me of what sometimes I would imagine of what a  princess would look like in simple and nice day hehe , I was imitating this by putting what's on the picture which I took from my grandma heheh

I don't know the name of this
Picture taken from

Others I just try to imitate them by putting all the sheets I could put on myself and pretending that's a big princess dress hehehe now that I got older I can tell it was just a big mess lol I'm lucky that no body got mad at me messing all those sheets ><
Did you do something similar when you were little? or even about trying to imitate another things?


De veras que odio este escanner le saco todo colo y vida a mi dibujo y lo peor de todo es que ya lo de asique no tendre otra oportunidad de hacerlo.
Me disculpo otra vez por tan mala calidad.
El dibujo fue para una companiera de trabajo y al parecer le gusto ^^

Lo hice por que me hace acordar de como era que me imaginaba de chica a una princesa en un dia normal y simple... yo lo imitaba agarrando las enaguas de mi abuela hehehe (creo que se dice asi)
En otras ocasiones me ponia encima todas las sabanas pretendiendo que eso es un hermoso y grandote vestido de princesa, ahora que ya estoy grande me puedo dar cuenta que eso se veia como un gran lio jejeje de veras que tuve suerte que no me retaron por hacer todo ese lio con las sabanas.
Ustedes tambien hacian esas cosas de chicos? o tratando de imitar alguna otra cosa?

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le sorelle said...

what a pretty drawing! the colors still look very vibrant :)

sorelle in style