Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today. Forever

Cardigan From Urban Plannet 5$
Shirt from Walmart  10$
Skirt From Forever21 12$
Flower pin from Claire's 2 for 5$

So my week was pretty boring, one day sunny all the other days were rainy and windy ... but I really spend most of my days taking pictures... my family started to get tired of it  hohoh , there wasn't a day I didn't touch my camera! I'm so happy with it ^^

 Here is a picture of today

Not so much rain but anyway enough to put you in a rainy mood hehe that's what inspired me to put some color and flowers even if it is inside the house

and pictures of my family and my pigama which is the outfit of the week!! hhehe
my sisters and grandma

For the end a song that tells how I feel lately, it's an Argentian band Called "El otro yo" (the other me) and the song is "Hoy te espero"( Today I'm waiting for you)
It's girl who cannot be reasonable with her feelings ( kinda be impulsive) she just knows how to feel it, she says "Today I'm waiting for you, by my side you will be forever" ^^

Esta semana fue super aburrida, un dia soleado y los demas ventosos y lluvias... pero me la pasa sacando fotos todo el tiempo, hasta tengo podrida a mi familia jojojo, no huvo un dia que no toque la camara.... de veras que ando super contenta con ella ^^
puse una foto del dia de hoy.... eso fue lo que me inspiro a ponerme un poco de color y ver las flores aunque sea la que estan en casa .
Puse algunas fotos de mi familia y para terminar una cancion de: El otro Yo- Hoy Te Espero... que es justo por lo que ando pasando ahora jajaja

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JoJo said...

love the grey and white cardigan :)