Thursday, April 14, 2011

My work place

Hello ~~
This week was very cold so I was at home all the time, the only thing I did is going to work.
I have some ideas of what I want to draw but I can't put them on paper, every time I'm trying to draw is like as if  I don't know even how to make a flower lol but I will keep on trying anyway ^^
And I took some pictures of my work place... in the pictures it looks like a small place, but actually it's kinda big and the most amazing thing is that is a new place and it seems to be hunted, seriously all of us experienced some kind of weird things ... like whistling, door closing and sounds like somebody is moving something when there is no body in there and as you can see the offices are inside the building so you cannot blame the wind  >< ... it's not scary but annoying hehehe

Here is a nice song! By The Empire Of The Sun

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