Friday, April 22, 2011

Reasons Only knew

 Cardigan from Suzy Shier $30
Dress from Angela $6

Today is Easter so I don't need to go to work!! I totally forgot about that until they told me yesterday, So me and my family went to eat outside in a nice Italian restaurant.... I'm so happy I could eat a nice lasagna, I think they have one of the best!
Another thing that makes me happy as you can see there is no more snow, still it's kinda wintery, but I hope the flowers will bloom soon!! that would be really nice ^^

I like this dress (I like it was cheap and looks nice) and the cardigan together, I think that with the hair down makes it look more cozy ^^ lately my mood have been very cozy lol

me and my sister look so bored lol, but the lasagna really made my day and the dress matches the picture in the back hehhee

and for the end this song was playing on the radio on our way home and it reminds of when I was little and liked the Mentos commercial and though this video was super funny =) hope you enjoy it!


Armani's-Thoughts said...

Your dress is to die for,loving it.
The cardigan is very pretty also

Happy Easter

Twenty.Something said...

Such a beautiful dress! Looks great on you.