Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Cardigan from Rickie's 15$
T shirt from Garage 13$
Skirt From Angela 5$
Shoes From Payless I think it was 40$

As I told the other post I went to Rihanna's concert, It wasn't in my city so we needed to drive 2 hours to Saskatoon Which is where everything happens... it sucks when the main city it's actually not the main one.
This is what we saw for two hours and you can have such kind of view for 8 hours or more sometimes hehehe

We got there early so we can take a walk in the city and eat something before the concert, we had a nice time.. I wanted to wear that skirt again and this is was a good opportunity to do so... I felt really fun with it.

Many people went there!! at the beginning Cee lo Green came to sing, he had sore throat so his voice wasn't at his best but actually he was great anyway...but....

despite his great voice the audience wasn't the best with him unlike with Rihanna, I think the problem was that there was too much sexy stuff without any reason ( sexy dancers, sexy screens, sexy him) and it's not like the audience is conservative (I guess)...  if you go to see Rihanna I think you know that sexy staff will happen and it's also not because he is a men and she is a women...
I don't mind about that kind of staff as long it's made with a good taste and doesn't look cheap... it needs to be done in a way you will feel related to it somehow, what do you think about it?? ooh and there was lots of kids in there actually(including my sister) , my friend really felt sad about those kids... I think they didn't notice any of it and they just enjoy the music and lights... you should see a little boy that was beside us... didn't stop dancing with his mother, didn't care about anything ... what do you think?

After a long waiting Rihanna came!! people began to scream hehhe she started the show singing Only Girl .. well I will put 3 videos so you can see her performance if you want , I think it's much better than me explaining.
Maybe I will not become a fan of her, But she will have all my respect... She is a great singer and made a great performance!
The show was very sensual and super sexy but there was a good balance... The beginning of the show was the most sensual one which had a gay sado maso pillow fight and her taking a girl from the audience and getting on top of her while they are on the floor hehe, but the girl couldn't be happier and the audience as well , then a sexy army came, after that things became more settle.
On most of the show she was the only sexy thing as you can see on the videos and that's great the footage on the screen were very artistic and beautiful... really everything was well made and made you enjoy every minute of it... most of my life I went to rock concerts but going to such concert can be super great as well!

Como les dije en post antertior el domingo fui a ver a Rihanna , como no fue en mi ciudad tuvimos que viajar dos horas hasta Saskatoon que es el lugar donde todo pasa, de veras que es de lo peor vivir en la ciudad que es que la principal pero verdaderamente no lo es.
Fuimos temprano para poder dar un paseo por ahi y comer algo asique la pasamos bien mientras

El concierto empeso con el cantante Cee Lo Green quien tenia la garganta mal pero eso no le impidio cantar con su gran voz, de veras que canto super bien pero la gente no lo recibio muy bien... Creo que el problema fue que su show tenia demasiado casas sexys... oh fueron mostradas de una forma que lo incomoda a uno como una chica comiendo una banana ... y no creo que fuera por que la audiencia sea conservativa ya que si vas a ver a Rihanna de seguro te esperas que allan este tipo de cosas y tampoco creo que por que ella es una mujer y el hombre.
A mi mucho no me importa ese tipo de cosas mientras sea de  buen gusto y no se vea muy vulgar... tiene que ser algo que uno se sienta en sierto punto indentificado con eso... que creen ustedes? ooh y habia un monton de chicos ( uno de esos mi hermana), mi amiga se sintio apenada por ellos... yo creo que ni se dieron cuenta y disfrutaron de la musica y las luses ... tenian que ver a un nene que bailaba con su mama... no le importaba de nada jejeje, que creen piensan ustedes?

Quizas no me ve voy a hace su fan pero si va a tener todos mis respeto, tiene una voz muy buena y sabe hacer un buen show!!!
El show que hizo fue sensual y muy sexy... pero con un buen balance, el principio del show fue lo mas provocativo, Ella se subio encima de una chica que sacaron de la audiencia y mientras las dos en el suelo, pero la chica no podia estar mas feliz jejjee despues de la mitad el show se puso mas calmado ... como ya dije es un buen balance...
los dejo con los videos del concierto ^^


Chic Escape said...

lucky you! get to see Rihanna's concert. She's an amazing singer! REally adore your bubble skirt, and for $5, such a good deal

le sorelle said...

Oh wow lucky you is right! That looks like it was a great concert. I also love the skirt you chose to wear! It has such a fantastic shape :)

sorelle in style