Wednesday, July 13, 2011

With all my heart

Vest handmade by the mother of my grandma
Shirt from blue notes $10
Owl necklace from Forever 21 $7 (?)
Giraffe necklace from Suzy Shier $8


My grandma has kept so many things made by her family ... actually not so many as she would have wanted since we moved a lot and we didn't always get to keep everything, but anyway I just discovered it again...I tried so many times to learn but always something kept me from learning ... I regret it a lot but is not too late! I do want to learn, but again I'm always busy and over the years I think that women lost the patient to create such kind of things, it's kind of sad that women gave up to that side of being a woman and tried to become more like a man but I will keep trying ^^

Yesterday I went out with a friend... Finally I get some social life heheh
We went to the mall and I spent only 14$ on a blouse, a ring and earrings ... that mall is super cheap ... there is an outlet of Suzy Shier ... It's huge , looks like they brought all the left overs of all the stores so Regina can start to dress better .. I bought such a pretty blouse for $2.50 ... I couldn't believe it (*v*)

I had fun today with my outfit,sorry it's white again... yeah, but anyway I liked my vest and my shiny headband... I didn't intend to put the necklaces together, it was by chance while I was trying one of them and without taking that one off I tried another one and decided they look well together even that those animal have nothing I common hehehe when I went to the jewelery stand the seller thought that I was a fan of animal staff and started to show me everything that she had with animals ><

My coworkers always put music in their car while drawing and yesterday they put a different kind of music than they usually do... but anyway I was so sleepy while they were driving and my head was lying on my hand and they thought I did that because I was sad and this song started to play and my coworker said this song was for me .... which it called " The girl is sad" by Leo Dan... but I just was sleepy ><


Quizas dejare de traducir mi blog... es que me lleva tiempo escribir en los dos idiomas, diganme si tienen algun inconveniente en leer en ingles  y si eso es asi seguire tratando de traducirlo.
ahora me tengo que preparar para ir a trabajar... nos vemos pronto ^^


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Pop Champagne said...

nice outfit, the white is so great for the summer and love the graffe necklace!!

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