Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well because of my mistake I made a New blog... Hopefully new starts will be better
here it is
If you like you can continue reading my blog in here! thank you for everything ^^


Chic Escape said...

Google tends to do that...when you uploaded pictures to your blog, it will automatically saved in Picasa and which will appears in your Google+ account since it's all connected. Even with those you didn't put in your blog, as long as you uploaded the picture via blogger, google will save them in Picasa....and people can't see your photos from Google+, it's only visible to yourself unless you choose to public them...

Rorro said...

well I guess I can only blame myself .. I just didn't know that and that's the result... so I think about making a new blog will be much easier.
Thank you for you response! ^^