Monday, July 4, 2011


This is the drawing I was making and I just finished it.... how nice would it be to catch a cloud and hug it like a stuffed animal hehe, at least I get to catch it for a moment on my drawing hehehhe and  finally I gave up on my scanner >< there is some blue around the clouds but it almost doesn't show in here but the rest of it look like the original one.. I can be happy anyway ^^

The weather her has been crazy!!! one day you cannot breath because it's too hot and humid.. then rain then sun and then a cold day again but again I should be happy because we do get some summer days and I was waiting for them so much, I think I told that so many times in here... I just cannot help mention it every time we get a hot day =)

Here is a picture of what a day looks like in here... sun then after 30 minutes rain and then after 30 minutes sun again hehehe

And here is a song I like by Belle and sebastian - Waiting for the moon to rise


Este es el dibujo que estaba haciendo y justo lo termine... que lindo seria atrapar a una nuve y abrazarla como si fuera un peluche... por lo menos se me da la oportunidad de hacerlo en mi dibujo ^^\
Ya me rendi!! mu scanner no hace bien su trabajo... habia un poco de azul alrededor de las nuves pero casi ni se ve... igual el resto del dibujo se ve casi como el original asique puede estar contenta de algun modo.

(termino de traducir cuando vuelvo de trabajar ^^)


Elena said...

Yo he soƱado volar por las nubes e sentarme en ellas,jeje!!
muy bonito el dibujo!
un beso. elena :)

Pop Champagne said...

that is a really nice drawing! it's really cute <3

le sorelle said...

What an adorable drawing! Such a cute idea :)

Hoping for more sunshiney days!

sorelle in style

rosalina said...

no doubt, you r so talented, keep drawing! :D