Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simple summer

Blouse from H&M $10
Shorts from Urban Planet I don't remember how much
Shoes from Payless $10
Headband from Ardene 5 for $10
Belt from Ardene 3 for $15

Sorry for not writing for so long but I rally didn't do anything, Well I had my haircut done the other day but in this picture you cannot see and I'm pretty happy with my new haircut so pretty soon I will show it ^^
Also I started sewing again ... I'm in the middle of making two skirts but I can't finished it until I go to the fabric shop and buy some elastic... I'm so lazy and it's nothing to be proud of , I still have two tops that need to be finished as well ><

I'm really happy with this outfit! I need to get used managing colors better, I really like colorful clothes ... but for this time I just preferred to wear white and a kind of red color again.. but I think everything looks nicely together for a simple summer day.


Perdon por no escribir por tanto tiempo es que de veras que casi no hice nada.... vah me corte el pelo pero no se puede ver en las fotos, estoy muy contenta con el corte asique prontito se los voy a mostrar.
Tambien empese a hacer dos faldas que tengo que termina por que me faltan algunas cosas y hasta que no valla a ir a la tienda de telas se vah a quedar parado... ando tan vaga ultimamente que es un horror y todabia tendo dos tops que tengo que terminar ><

Estoy contenta con mi look, quiero tratar de usar bien los colores.. por ahora elegi blanco con un toque de tonos rojos otra vez... pero pienso que se bien juntos para un simple dia de verano


Stephanie said...

la blusa e suna monada!!!!

Annette Krubner said...

nice outfit.)

Pop Champagne said...

heey so cool I just hyped your look on lookbook earlier and now I'm here! hehe, love those shorts hun!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

That top is so pretty! You are very elegant. =)

Sick by Trend said...

sweet pictures!! :D love your dog!