Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well...I'm sure this blog is gonna be a little bit messy at first, but anyways, let me introduce myself before we start.
I'm 24 years old, and my first language is Spanish (so sorry for my many grammar and spelling mistakes ^^ ) .... Now I live in Vancouver with my boyfriend, working for a fast food place in the mall's food court... well actually the only time I spend "in the mall" is when I'm taking a glimpse at the windows while I'm walking to work , I'm always late, so I don't have time to enter to any of the stores and the bad thing is that I'm always closing so when I finished my work it means that the other shops are also closed ... aaaah that's really painful ><.
I started this blog because the last past year I started a make over... I wish that a program like What not to wear would come to me and give me a credit card to shop hehe, but it would not happen to me so I decided to start it by myself.
It's not easy....  the beginning was tough ... well I had too much stuff I wanted to buy and so many looks I wanted to wear that it was really hard to start, so I took a look at some websites that had some tips.. with the time I will post them and show you (there are not so many actually... I'm so lazy).
well... a year before I tried to start to dress better but I didn't have the courage yet to be serious about it... I've got 3 simple nice dresses at Joe superstore and more girlie t shirts.
when I decided to start seriously , I decided that I should get cardigans ... my thought was that even a simple black cardigan can make an outfit look better (I think I was right wiii!! ).So I bought two cardigans that day on sale... one small black cardigan and another long gray cardigan... oooh yeah I know it's not so original stuff but a least I started XD
and really those cardigans changed my life, as it made everything I wore look more adorable...even a tshirt and a simple big jean that I still used to wear .
( I used to wear big staff so I don't have to show my body)
well I think that I wrote too much about it already and can be boring.... so lets talk another day about it.


Bueno creo que este blog al principio no va a ser muy ordenado, pero igual me presento:
Tengo 24, estoy viviendo en Vancouver con mi novio, estoy trabajando en un lugar de comida rapida en el shoping, pero la verdad el unico tiempo que tengo para ver la tiendas es cuando voy caminado hacia mi trabajo toda apurada porque siempre llego tarde... asique a veces me da bronca no poder entrar cuando veo algo bueno mas que cuando termino de trabajar ya esta todo cerrado >< re mal hehe.
hace como un anio que decidi cambiar mi look , digamos que decidi vestirme un poco mejor, ya que antes me vestia bien mal... con ropa que me quedaba mas grande asi olcutar mi cuerpo... vah antes tambien quize hacerlo pero pensaba que la gente iva a pensar que soy ridicula al hacerlo y que la ropa lindas es para las chicas que si saben como vestirse.
cuando de veras me lo tome en serio, me costo por que no sabia por donde empesar, ya que habia muchas cosas que quieria comprar y muchos looks que queria vestir... lo que hice es ir algunos sitios de intertet donde te dan algunos consejos, mas adelante los voy a postear.
Lo primero que decidi comprar fue unos saquitos, creo que un simple saquito negro puede cambiar cualquier look para mejor. ese mismo dia tope con una buena rebaja y compre dos saquitos... uno cortito negro y otro gris.
creo que fue mi mejor compra , cambio mi look de dejada a estar un poquito mejor y mas a adorable.
bueno creo que ya los estoy aburriendo... perdon por mis faltas de autografia!!!

nos vemos.

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